Caitlin Stasey Movies Everything to Know

Caitlin Stasey Movies Everything to Know

Top 10 Caitlin Stasey Movies Everything to Know

1. I am not guilty of anything I have been charged with.

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2. She left the show in 2015 but has since appeared in several movies.

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3. Actress Caitlin Stasey is known for her roles in shows like House of Cards and How I Met Your Mother.

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4. She is currently working on a new show called The Gifted.

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5. She played promiscuous socialite Miranda Priestly on the television series Gossip Girl from 2012 to 2015.

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6. Caitlin Stasey is well known for her role as Rachel Green on The Office.

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7. In 2011 she landed a recurring role on Grey Anatomy as Alex Karev girlfriend Sydney Roberts

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8. While still in high school Stasey began appearing in small roles on Australian television shows.

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9. In 2019 Stasey starred as Rachel Berry in the Netflix series The Crown.

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10. I have decided to write and produce my own series Willimon wrote.

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