Jessica Henwick Movies Everything to Know

Jessica Henwick Movies Everything to Know

Top 10 Jessica Henwick Movies Everything to Know

1. Recently she was cast as Nymeria Sand in HBO upcoming fantasy series Game of Thrones.

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2. Henwick is also producing the film alongside her partner Hayley Squires.

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3. On July 5 for example she took part in a Twitter chat with fans about her new movie The Problem With Harry.

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4. Henwick first film role was in the movie The Illusionist.

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5. We were so excited to shoot the show in New York and be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe says Henwick.

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6. According to Henwick working on the new movies has been an amazing experience.

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7. Jessica Henwick is a popular actress who regularly interacts with her fans on social media.

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8. In addition she is skilled at sword fighting and horseback riding which has helped her in her various roles.

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9. She started out as a model before landing roles in movies and television shows.

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10. She is known for her roles in films such as 2012 Dredd and 2016 Kingsman The Golden Circle.

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