Jessica Lucas Movies Everything to Know

Jessica Lucas Movies Everything to Know

Top 10 Jessica Lucas Movies Everything to Know

1. She has written for various magazines and websites covering topics such as fashion beauty and health.

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2. Jessica Lucas is an actress who has starred in a number of films and television shows.

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3. This is the third time that she has been charged with driving while intoxicated.

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4. Jessica started her career as a model appearing in campaigns for brands such as Prada and Lululemon.

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5. Lucas has been acting since she was a child and started her career in theater.

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6. Lucas was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in late February.

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7. Jessica Lucas is a producer and director for her own films.

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8. Lucas was born on June 10 1988 in Phoenix Arizona.

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9. Lucas also has a career in fashion as she has worked as a model and has her own clothing line.

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10. Jessica Lucas is suing the city of Phoenix for wrongful termination.

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