Things to Know about Alice Braga in The Duel

Things to Know about Alice Braga in The Duel

Latest Things to Know about Alice Braga in The Duel

Top 10 Popular Movies of Alice Braga are Rummikub, Kill Me Three Times, Eduardo And Monica, Elysium, City Of God 10 Years Later, Predators The Chosen, Latitudes, The Rite, Futuro Do Preterito Tropicalismo Now, and Drained.

Top 10 Alice Braga Movies

  1. Predators
  2. The Milky Way
  3. On The Road
  4. Predators Moments Of Extraction
  5. Soul
  6. Cabeca A Premio
  7. The Shack
  8. Blindness
  9. Repo Men
  10. City Of God

Top 10 Things to Know about Alice Braga in The Duel

1. For more information please visit the program official website http//www.

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2. In 2001 Alice moved to Hollywood to star in the TV series The Mummy.

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3. Alice Braga Career Biography Movies Debut Film Lifestyle

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4. The screening will be part of the Gene Siskel Film Center tribute to the late actor.

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5. Alice Braga was born on June 10 1965 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

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6. Alice Braga has been conferred an honorary doctorate by Berklee College of Music.

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7. Braga was married to actor Paulo Bocanegra from 1998 until their divorce in 2006.

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8. In 2003 she starred in the Brazilian crime thriller film Mulheres Apaixonadas.

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9. Alice Braga to Receive Honorary Doctorate from University of

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10. There no doubt that Alice Braga is one of Brazil most celebrated and prolific actors.

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All Others Alice Braga Movies

  1. Blue Brazil
  2. Back And Forth
  3. Only God Knows
  4. Redbelt
  5. Journey To The End Of The Night
  6. Os Amigos
  7. 22 Vs Earth
  8. Hypnotic
  9. La Peste Del Insomnio
  10. Crossing Over
  11. I Am Legend
  12. Portrait Of A Thief
  13. Lower City
  14. The Duel
  15. The Suicide Squad
  16. The Ardor
  17. The New Mutants
  18. A Whole Life

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