Things to Know about Amanda Seyfried in Dear John

Things to Know about Amanda Seyfried in Dear John

Latest Things to Know about Amanda Seyfried in Dear John

Top 10 Popular Movies of Amanda Seyfried are Ted 2, Alpha Dog, Nine Lives, Letters To Juliet, Birdwatching, A Million Ways To Die In The West, Gone, The Big Wedding, Gypsies Tramps And Thieves, and Gringo.

Top 10 Amanda Seyfried Movies

  1. Birthing Mamma Mia
  2. Chloe
  3. Jt Reflections
  4. The End Of Love
  5. In Time
  6. Anon
  7. A Mouthful Of Air
  8. Unity
  9. The Clapper
  10. Les Miserables

Top 10 Things to Know about Amanda Seyfried in Dear John

1. Seyfried has also released several albums and songs.

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2. Justin Theroux has been married to Amanda Seyfried for almost two years now.

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3. She had a recurring role on the television series Everwood from 2001 to 2002

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4. The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond 2006 and had a cameo appearance in the fantasy comedy

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5. Amanda Seyfried was born on September 25 1985 in Chicago Illinois.


6. Amanda Seyfried is an American actress and singer songwriter.


7. Seyfried played Michelle Pfeiffer daughter in the

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8. Since then she has appeared in a number of successful films including Big Fish Mamma Mia! and Batman Returns.

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9. Amanda began her acting career at the age of nine appearing in several short films and commercials.

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10. The film became a cult classic and earned Seyfried critical acclaim.

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All Others Amanda Seyfried Movies

  1. While Were Young
  2. Solstice
  3. Dog Food
  4. Official Selection
  5. Lovelace
  6. The Last Word
  7. Dear John
  8. Mank
  9. Holy Moses
  10. American Gun
  11. Red Riding Hood
  12. Roll Up Your Sleeves
  13. Mean Girls
  14. Jennifer Body
  15. A Bag Of Hammers
  16. Love The Coopers
  17. Les Miserables The History Of The World Greatest Story
  18. Things Heard And Seen
  19. The Art Of Racing In The Rain
  20. Mamma Mia Here We Go Again
  21. Epic
  22. When You Wish Upon A Pickle A Sesame Street Special
  23. Scoob
  24. First Reformed
  25. You Should Have Left
  26. Pan
  27. Fathers And Daughters
  28. Skin And Bone
  29. Mamma Mia
  30. Boogie Woogie

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