Things to Know about Cate Blanchett in Symphony Of The Invisible

Things to Know about Cate Blanchett in Symphony Of The Invisible

Latest Things to Know about Cate Blanchett in Symphony Of The Invisible

Top 10 Popular Movies of Cate Blanchett are Stories Of Lost Souls, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Thor Ragnarok, Cascade, Ocean Eight, Nightmare Alley, The Carnival Is Over, Spielberg, The Four Temperaments, and Reflections On The Talented Mr Ripley.

Top 10 Cate Blanchett Movies

  1. Whered You Go Bernadette
  2. The Man Who Cried
  3. Coffee And Cigarettes
  4. This Changes Everything
  5. Oscar And Lucinda
  6. Pushing Tin
  7. The Champions
  8. Paradise Road
  9. Cinderella
  10. Babel

Top 10 Things to Know about Cate Blanchett in Symphony Of The Invisible

1. Cate is known for her natural beauty and elegant style.

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2. She has also starred in several successful television series including House of Cards Marvel Agents of S.

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3. Their iconic style and unique philosophy is exactly what I love about fashion.

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4. In her personal life she is married to actor Andrew Upton.

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5. Cate Blanchett will receive the Tribute Award from the Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 25th.

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6. She is married to actor Andrew Upton and they have two children.

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7. Cate Blanchett was born in Melbourne Australia to Elizabeth nee Gray and Christopher Blanchett.

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8. Her breakthrough role came in 2003 when she starred in the Academy Award winning film Elizabeth.

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9. She has a long and successful career in film which started with her debut film The Piano in 1993.

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10. Blanchett attended secondary school at the Presbyterian Ladies College Melbourne.

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All Others Cate Blanchett Movies

  1. Indiana Jones The Search For The Lost Golden Age
  2. Charlotte Gray
  3. The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King
  4. Journey To The South Pacific
  5. The Hobbit The Desolation Of Smaug
  6. The Shipping News
  7. Hanna
  8. Hot Fuzz
  9. On The Set The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
  10. Red
  11. Do Not Look Up
  12. Elizabeth
  13. Quest For The Ring
  14. Eyes Wide Shut
  15. Inside The Talented Mr Ripley
  16. Beyond The Movie The Fellowship Of The Ring
  17. An Ideal Husband
  18. Stuart X
  19. The School For Good And Evil
  20. The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers
  21. Earthflight 3D
  22. The Curious Birth Of Benjamin Button
  23. The Monuments Men
  24. Little Fish
  25. The Good German
  26. A Cautionary Tail
  27. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
  28. In The Company Of Actors
  29. Never Sleep Again The Elm Street Legacy
  30. Heaven
  31. The Making Of Making A Scene
  32. Police Rescue The Movie
  33. The Aviator
  34. Blue Jasmine
  35. Bangers
  36. Parklands
  37. Song To Song
  38. Uncanny Valley
  39. Jill Bilcock Dancing The Invisible
  40. Huo Bi Te Ren 1:Yi Wai Zhi Lu Jia Chang Ban
  41. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey
  42. Elizabeth The Golden Age
  43. Slow Motion
  44. Guillermo Del Toro Pinocchio
  45. The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies
  46. Im Not There
  47. Ride It Out
  48. Notes On A Scandal
  49. Ukraine Life Under Attack Dispatches
  50. Jill Bilcock The Art Of Film Editing
  51. Robin Hood
  52. Tar
  53. Truth
  54. Making A Scene
  55. The Turning
  56. Mowgli Legend Of The Jungle
  57. How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World
  58. The Gift
  59. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
  60. The Talented Mr Ripley
  61. The New Boy
  62. The House With A Clock In Its Walls
  63. Thank God He Met Lizzie
  64. Veronica Guerin
  65. And The Oscar Goes To
  66. The Galapagos Affair Satan Came To Eden
  67. Symphony Of The Invisible
  68. The Missing
  69. This Is An Adventure
  70. Refugee
  71. Bandits
  72. Matthew Gray Gubler Life Aquatic Intern Journal
  73. A Passage To Middle Earth Making Of Lord Of The Rings
  74. Manifesto
  75. A Manual For Cleaning Women
  76. Knight Of Cups
  77. Girl Rising
  78. Borderlands
  79. Sweet Tooth
  80. Voyage Of Time Life Journey
  81. The Real Robin Hood
  82. The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring
  83. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
  84. Carol

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