Things to Know about Halle Berry in Gothika

Things to Know about Halle Berry in Gothika

Latest Things to Know about Halle Berry in Gothika

Top 10 Popular Movies of Halle Berry are For Love Of Liberty The Story Of America Black Patriots, Kings, 2021 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, X Men The Last Stand Production Diaries, Movie 43, Cloud Atlas, Soul Of A Nation Presents Screen Queens Rising, X2, The Many Faces Of Catwoman, and X Men Unguarded.

Top 10 Halle Berry Movies

  1. Bulworth
  2. Bond Girls Are Forever
  3. Their Eyes Were Watching God
  4. Once Upon A Time The Super Heroes
  5. Mother Land
  6. Robots
  7. Jungle Fever
  8. Sidney
  9. Jagged Edge
  10. Solomon And Sheba

Top 10 Things to Know about Halle Berry in Gothika

1. She was married to Christopher Atkins from 2001 2003 and to former child actor Casey Affleck from 2003 2007.

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2. Berry role has not been announced yet but it is rumored that she will play the role of the older sister.

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3. Halle has also starred in movies such as The Mummy Returns Sin City and Swordfish .


4. She has also appeared on TV shows such as ER Ally McBeal and Nip/Tuck.

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5. In 2009 Berry starred in the box office hit Monster Ball which earned her an Academy Award nomination.

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6. Since then Halle has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films

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7. Halle Berry is a Hollywood actress and model who has appeared in dozens of movies and television series.

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8. A spokesperson for Halle told them They have decided to end their relationship.

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9. She went on to appear in several successful movies including Catwoman X Men Monsters and Cop Car.


10. Halle Berry started her career as a model at the age of 15.

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All Others Halle Berry Movies

  1. Die Another Day
  2. Bruised
  3. Kidnap
  4. The Program
  5. The Rich Man Wife
  6. Race The Sun
  7. Moonfall
  8. Afi 100 Years 100 Movies 10Th Anniversary Edition
  9. Dorothy Dandridge An American Beauty
  10. X Men The Uncanny Suspects
  11. X Factor The Look Of X Men
  12. Shaken And Stirred On Ice
  13. 2Nd Unit Invisible Action Stars
  14. Cb4
  15. Kingsman The Golden Circle
  16. The Call
  17. Our Man From Jersey
  18. X Men Evolution Of A Trilogy
  19. Father Hood
  20. Boss Bitch Fight Challenge
  21. X Men The Last Stand
  22. Introducing Dorothy Dandridge
  23. Strictly Business
  24. New Year Eve
  25. Things We Lost In The Fire
  26. The Last Boy Scout
  27. The Mothership
  28. From Script To Screen
  29. Dark Tide
  30. Executive Decision
  31. Losing Isaiah
  32. Christmas From Hollywood
  33. Catwoman
  34. X Men Premieres Around The World
  35. Celebrating Marvel Stan Lee
  36. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
  37. X Men Days Of Future Past
  38. The Wedding
  39. John Travolta The Inside Story
  40. Girl 6
  41. Kevin Hart What Now
  42. Gothika
  43. Baps
  44. The Concert For New York City
  45. Monster Ball
  46. And The Oscar Goes To
  47. Swordfish
  48. John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum
  49. Welcome To Hollywood
  50. America A Tribute To Heroes
  51. Boomerang
  52. Perfect Stranger
  53. Catwoman The Feline Femme Fatale
  54. X Men
  55. The Flintstones
  56. Frankie And Alice

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