Things to Know about Helen Mirren in Anna

Things to Know about Helen Mirren in Anna

Latest Things to Know about Helen Mirren in Anna

Top 10 Popular Movies of Helen Mirren are The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover, Red Hot Shot, Loreal Paris Women Of Worth, The Country Wife, Bloody Business Making The Long Good Friday, The Making Of The Prince Of Egypt, The Fate Of The Furious, National Treasure Book Of Secrets, On Broadway, and Red 2.

Top 10 Helen Mirren Movies

  1. The Changeling
  2. The Hawk
  3. Turtle Journey The Crisis In Our Oceans
  4. The Jazz Baroness
  5. Herostratus
  6. Brighton Rock
  7. Hussy
  8. No Such Thing
  9. Love Ranch
  10. The Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone

Top 10 Things to Know about Helen Mirren in Anna

1. In 2013 she received an honorary degree from Newcastle University.

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2. Her breakthrough role came in 1981 when she starred in the BBC miniseries Elizabeth I.

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3. When the family returned to England Mirren attended a girls boarding school in Sussex.

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4. Helen Mirren Receives an Honorary Doctorate from Universite Paris Saclay


5. I was very saddened by it because we had been such good friends she said.


6. Helen Mirren Encourages Young Women to Pursue Science and Math


7. Other notable films include The Remains of the Day 1993 Gosford Park 2001 Elizabeth 1998 and The Queen 2006.


8. Her latest The Leisure Seeker is a Netflix original film that cost just $1 million to make.

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9. She is also the recipient of a Knight Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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10. Helen Mirren had some strong thoughts about the new Queen trailer.

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All Others Helen Mirren Movies

  1. Unity
  2. The Clearing
  3. Red
  4. White Bird A Wonder Story
  5. The Snow Queen
  6. Coming Through
  7. The Little Minister
  8. Killers Kill Dead Men Die
  9. The Fiendish Plot Of Dr Fu Manchu
  10. The Nutcracker And The Four Realms
  11. The Mosquito Coast
  12. Pascali Island
  13. Blue Remembered Hills
  14. Miss Julie
  15. Savage Messiah
  16. The Little Mermaid
  17. Arabia 3D
  18. Winchester
  19. Royal Deceit
  20. The Good Liar
  21. National Theatre Live The Audience
  22. A Coffin For The Bride
  23. Annefrank Parallel Stories
  24. Caligula
  25. Raising Helen
  26. Cal
  27. A Midsummer Night Dream
  28. An Audience With Mel Brooks
  29. Collateral Beauty
  30. Trailer For A Remake Of Gore Vidal Caligula
  31. National Theatre Live 50 Years On Stage
  32. Robert Altman In England
  33. Press For Time
  34. The Long Good Friday
  35. Where Angels Fear To Tread
  36. Eye In The Sky
  37. On The Edge
  38. Excalibur Behind The Movie
  39. A Documentary On The Making Of Gore Vidal Caligula
  40. Greenfingers
  41. The Prince Of Egypt From Dream To Screen
  42. O Lucky Man
  43. Age Of Consent
  44. Shazam Fury Of The Gods
  45. Teaching Mrs Tingle
  46. The Door
  47. The Leisure Seeker
  48. Inkheart
  49. Shadowboxer
  50. The Madness Of King George
  51. Calendar Girls
  52. Shakespeare Live From The Rsc
  53. Children Of God
  54. The Empty Space
  55. Prime Suspect 3 The Keeper Of Souls
  56. Monsters University
  57. The Hundred Foot Journey
  58. Best Ever Muppet Moments
  59. The Passion Of Ayn Rand
  60. Legend Of The Guardians The Owls Of Gahoole
  61. Enemy Of The Reich The Noor Inayat Khan Story
  62. The Last Station
  63. Losing Chase
  64. Bethune The Making Of A Hero
  65. Hamlet
  66. Hitchcock
  67. Cries From Syria
  68. Mrs Reinhardt
  69. Critical Care
  70. Fast And Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw
  71. Hannibal Hopkins And Sir Anthony
  72. Cary Grant A Class Apart
  73. The Comfort Of Strangers
  74. The Collection
  75. Prime Suspect The Scent Of Darkness
  76. The Debt
  77. Heavenly Pursuits
  78. Phil Spector
  79. Berlin I Love You
  80. 2010
  81. Escape From Extinction
  82. Gosford Park
  83. Invocation Maya Deren
  84. Last Orders
  85. Yes Madam Sir
  86. Woman In Gold
  87. The One And Only Ivan
  88. The Making Of Gosford Park
  89. The Tempest
  90. Arthur
  91. The Prince Of Egypt
  92. And The Oscar Goes To
  93. Door To Door
  94. Cymbeline
  95. Excalibur
  96. An Accidental Studio
  97. Red King White Knight
  98. The Pulitzer At 100
  99. The Duke
  100. Caesar And Claretta
  101. The Philanthropist
  102. When The Whales Came
  103. Soft Targets
  104. National Theatre Live Phedre
  105. As You Like It
  106. Anna
  107. Some Mother Son
  108. The Apple Cart
  109. The Hitchhiker Guide To The Galaxy
  110. State Of Play
  111. Pas De Deux Making White Nights
  112. Sarah Cooper Everything Fine
  113. Cause Celebre
  114. The Queen
  115. Lindsay Anderson Lucky Man
  116. Sniff
  117. Warren Ellis Captured Ghosts
  118. Golda
  119. The Pledge
  120. Istintobrass
  121. Pride
  122. Trumbo
  123. When Harry Met Sally 2 With Billy Crystal And Helen Mirren
  124. Sos Titanic
  125. White Nights
  126. F9

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