Things to Know about Julia Roberts in Fireflies In The Garden

Things to Know about Julia Roberts in Fireflies In The Garden

Latest Things to Know about Julia Roberts in Fireflies In The Garden

Top 10 Popular Movies of Julia Roberts are Annie Leibovitz Life Through A Lens, Leave The World Behind, His Way, The Normal Heart, Blood Red, Grand Champion, Sleeping With The Enemy, Secret In Their Eyes, Everyone Says I Love You, and Ocean Eleven.

Top 10 Julia Roberts Movies

  1. Sesame Street Elmo Says Boo
  2. Mother Day
  3. Duplicity
  4. The Pelican Brief
  5. Afi 100 Years 100 Movies 10Th Anniversary Edition
  6. Stepmom
  7. Mystic Pizza
  8. Larry Crowne
  9. I Love Trouble
  10. Let Dance

Top 10 Things to Know about Julia Roberts in Fireflies In The Garden

1. Roberts also enjoys classic movies such as Casablanca Gone with the Wind and The Godfather.

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2. Her father is Italian American and her mother is of Irish descent.

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3. She starred in some of the biggest blockbusters in history from Pretty Woman to Erin Brockovich.

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4. Julia Roberts is set to star in a new television series.


5. She is the eldest of three children and has a younger sister and brother.

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6. She has published a book of recipes called Julia Kitchen.

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7. Julia Roberts is a talented actress but she is also a devoted dog lover.

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8. Roberts subsequently appeared in such successful films as Pretty Woman 1990 Erin Brockovich


9. She later appeared in the films Fatal Attraction 1987 Pretty Woman 1990 and My Cousin Vinny 1992.

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10. She is also set to appear in the upcoming comedy film Warm Bodies opposite Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer.

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All Others Julia Roberts Movies

  1. Notting Hill
  2. Ready To Wear
  3. And The Oscar Goes To
  4. Charlie Wilson War
  5. My Best Friend Wedding
  6. Beslan Three Days In September
  7. Wonder
  8. Mirror Mirror
  9. Baja Oklahoma
  10. Ocean Eleven The Look Of The Con
  11. Satisfaction
  12. America Sweethearts
  13. Full Frontal
  14. Michael Collins
  15. The Ant Bully
  16. Tell Them Who You Are
  17. Firehouse
  18. The Mexican
  19. Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live
  20. Valentine Day
  21. Smurfs The Lost Village
  22. Small Great Things
  23. Charlotte Web
  24. Flatliners
  25. Eat Pray Love
  26. Hook
  27. Fireflies In The Garden
  28. Ticket To Paradise
  29. Something To Talk About
  30. Mary Reilly
  31. The Happy Days Of Garry Marshall
  32. America A Tribute To Heroes
  33. Runaway Bride
  34. Dying Young
  35. Mona Lisa Smile
  36. Erin Brockovich
  37. Sesame Street The Best Of Elmo
  38. Ben Is Back
  39. The Player
  40. Conspiracy Theory
  41. August Osage County
  42. Closer
  43. Fast Times At Ridgemont High A Virtual Table Read
  44. Little Bee
  45. Ocean Twelve
  46. Pretty Woman
  47. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
  48. Friends The Reunion
  49. Shirley Maclaine Kicking Up Her Heels
  50. Sesame Street All Star 25Th Birthday Stars And Street Forever
  51. Steel Magnolias
  52. Love Wedding Marriage
  53. Money Monster

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