Things to Know about Nicole Kidman in Val

Things to Know about Nicole Kidman in Val

Latest Things to Know about Nicole Kidman in Val

Top 10 Popular Movies of Nicole Kidman are Kidman On Kubrick, The Golden Compass, The Guardian Brothers, Queen Of The Desert, Barbra Streisand And Quartet At The Village Vanguard One Night Only, Fur An Imaginary Portrait Of Diane Arbus, Australia, Moulin Rouge, Before I Go To Sleep, and Wills And Burke.

Top 10 Nicole Kidman Movies

  1. Days Of Thunder
  2. The Human Stain
  3. The Night Club Of Your Dreams The Making Of Moulin Rouge
  4. Archer Adventure
  5. Birthday Girl
  6. Portrait Jane Campion And The Portrait Of A Lady
  7. Grace Of Monaco
  8. Boy Erased
  9. The Killing Of A Sacred Deer
  10. The Leading Man

Top 10 Things to Know about Nicole Kidman in Val

1. Nicole is currently starring in the television series Queen of the South.


2. Nicole Kidman is an Academy Award winning Australian actress who has starred in numerous Hollywood movies.


3. Nicole Kidman is an Oscar winning actress singer and producer.


4. In 2001 she portrayed Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire opposite Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange.


5. She first came to international attention for her role as Dr.


6. Nicole Kidman was born on November 12 1967 in Sydney New South Wales Australia.


7. She has won two Academy Awards five Golden Globe Awards and four BAFTA Awards.


8. Nicole Kidman was born on September 25 1967 in Sydney New South Wales Australia.


9. She is married to actor Tom Cruise and they have one son Connor Cruise.


10. Kidman started her career as a model and has appeared in many fashion magazines.


All Others Nicole Kidman Movies

  1. Windrider
  2. Captivated The Trials Of Pamela Smart
  3. Dogville Confessions
  4. Birth
  5. Riddle Me This Why Is Batman Forever
  6. America A Tribute To Heroes
  7. Genius
  8. The Last Movie Stanley Kubrick And Eyes Wide Shut
  9. Showbusiness The Road To Broadway
  10. The Invasion
  11. Untitled Netflix Romantic Comedy
  12. Val
  13. Emerald City
  14. Just Go With It
  15. The Northman
  16. Nine
  17. Hemingway And Gellhorn
  18. Lion
  19. Being The Ricardos
  20. Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom
  21. Cold Mountain
  22. Bush Christmas
  23. Room To Move
  24. Lagerfeld Confidential
  25. Dead Calm
  26. Bombshell
  27. The Goldfinch
  28. The Stepford Wives
  29. Vietnam
  30. Margot At The Wedding
  31. Tom Cruise An Eternal Youth
  32. Bewitched
  33. Flirting
  34. Secret In Their Eyes
  35. My Life
  36. Aquaman Heroines Of Atlantis
  37. Spellbound
  38. Rita
  39. God Grew Tired Of Us
  40. Happy Feet
  41. The Others
  42. Diana The Day Britain Cried
  43. Eyes Wide Shut
  44. David Stratton A Cinematic Life
  45. Nicole Kidman Eyes Wide Open
  46. The Peacemaker
  47. Practical Magic
  48. Whisper To A Scream
  49. Bmx Bandits
  50. Stoker
  51. Skin Deep
  52. Watch The Shadows Dance
  53. The Hours
  54. I Have Never Forgotten You The Life And Legacy Of Simon Wiesenthal
  55. To Die For
  56. Malice
  57. Chase Through The Night
  58. Far And Away
  59. That Click
  60. Aquaman
  61. Shooting Panic Room
  62. The Railway Man
  63. Panic Room
  64. Trespass
  65. The Paperboy
  66. Destroyer
  67. The Interpreter
  68. How To Talk To Girls At Parties
  69. Rabbit Hole
  70. The Silent Wife
  71. Stanley Kubrick A Life In Pictures
  72. The Bit Part
  73. Matthew And Son
  74. And The Oscar Goes To
  75. Batman Forever
  76. Paddington
  77. The Prom
  78. An Australian In Rome
  79. Billy Bathgate
  80. Hello Ladies The Movie
  81. Strangerland
  82. The Upside
  83. The Family Fang
  84. The Portrait Of A Lady
  85. Holland Michigan
  86. Dogville
  87. Kubrick By Kubrick
  88. The Beguiled
  89. Great Performers Horror Show
  90. Histoire Du Fartform Vol One Cinema

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