Things to Know about Penelope Cruz in Masked And Anonymous

Things to Know about Penelope Cruz in Masked And Anonymous

Latest Things to Know about Penelope Cruz in Masked And Anonymous

Top 10 Popular Movies of Penelope Cruz are Ma Ma, Twice Upon A Yesterday, Fan Fan The Tulip, The Butterfly Effect, Zoolander 2, Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health, Don Juan, Bigas Luna La Mirada Entomologa, Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides, and Belle Epoque.

Top 10 Penelope Cruz Movies

  1. Per Amore Solo Per Amore
  2. Waking Up In Reno
  3. A Matador Mistress
  4. Broken Embraces
  5. Limmensita
  6. Woody Allen A Documentary
  7. Brujas
  8. Paul Mccartney Back In The Us
  9. Open Your Eyes
  10. Masked And Anonymous

Top 10 Things to Know about Penelope Cruz in Masked And Anonymous

1. Cruz 38 is married to businessman Adam Munoz with whom she has two sons.

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2. They have one child together daughter Luna born November 2009.

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3. She has since appeared in films such as Volver El Pais Babel Frida The Impossible Citizenfour and Aquaman.

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4. Not only is she an accomplished actress but she is also a fashion icon and humanitarian.

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5. As a child Penelope enjoyed going to the theater and watching telenovelas on television.

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6. Cruz has also starred in a number of successful TV series including Casualty and Masters of Sex.

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7. Penelope Cruz was born on October 24 1972 in Seville Andalusia southern Spain.

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8. Here is a look at her biography and some of her most notable roles.

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9. She is an actress and model who has starred in many movies over the years.

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10. In 1989 she had her first starring role in the Spanish film Elvira Madrigal.

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All Others Penelope Cruz Movies

  1. Grimsby
  2. Once Upon A Timeā€¦ All About My Mother
  3. Alegre Ma Non Troppo
  4. Jamon Jamon
  5. All The Pretty Horses
  6. Truth Of The Situation Making The Counselor
  7. Hi Lo Country
  8. Not Love Just Frenzy
  9. Twice Born
  10. And The Oscar Goes To
  11. On The Fringe
  12. Do Not Move
  13. Captain Corelli Mandolin
  14. The Good Night
  15. Entre Rojas
  16. Bandidas
  17. G Force
  18. Official Competition
  19. Blow
  20. Nine
  21. Murder On The Orient Express
  22. Sex And The City 2
  23. All About My Mother
  24. Vanilla Sky
  25. Client 9 The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer
  26. Todo Es Mentira
  27. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  28. Ferrari
  29. A Scent Of Paradise
  30. Volaverunt
  31. Volver
  32. To Rome With Love
  33. La Ribelle
  34. The Counselor
  35. The Girl Of Your Dreams
  36. The Cannibalistic Councillor
  37. Loving Pablo
  38. Im So Excited
  39. Gothika
  40. Woman On Top
  41. The Greek Labyrinth
  42. Elegy
  43. America A Tribute To Heroes
  44. Head In The Clouds
  45. Killers Kill Dead Men Die
  46. The Queen Of Spain
  47. Noel
  48. Sahara
  49. Brunes Et Blondes
  50. Hitting It Hard
  51. Almodovar Todo Sobre Ellas
  52. Chromophobia
  53. Pain And Glory
  54. Yo Soy Uno Entre Cien Mil
  55. Live Flesh
  56. Talk Of Angels
  57. Do Not Tempt Me
  58. La Celestina
  59. Everybody Knows
  60. Parallel Mothers
  61. This Man This Woman
  62. The 355
  63. Wasp Network

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