Things to Know about Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

Things to Know about Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

Latest Things to Know about Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

Top 10 Popular Movies of Tom Cruise are Together The Hendrick Motorsports Story, Going Clear Scientology And The Prison Of Belief, Taps, Diana The Day Britain Cried, Lions For Lambs, Knight And Day, Danger Zone The Making Of Top Gun, Edge Of Tomorrow, Cocktail, and Spielberg.

Top 10 Tom Cruise Movies

  1. James Corden Top Gun Training With Tom Cruise
  2. Top Gun Maverick
  3. Kubrick By Kubrick
  4. Tropic Thunder
  5. Mission Impossible Ii
  6. Eyes Wide Shut
  7. The Outsiders
  8. Jack Reacher Never Go Back
  9. Vanilla Sky
  10. Donald Trump Is President And Youre Not A Portrait Of Donald J Trump

Top 10 Things to Know about Tom Cruise in All The Right Moves

1. Tom Cruise performs most of his stunts himself.


2. Tom Cruise mother moved to US after separating from his father.

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3. Tom Cruise graduated form Glenn Ridge High School in 1980.

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4. Tom Cruise claims that his father was very abusive towards him while growing up.

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5. Tom Cruise father died in 1984.

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6. Tom Cruise got influenced with acting in 4th grade.

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7. Tom Cruise has 3 childre, 2 of whom are adopted.

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8. Tom Cruise was expelled from Catholic School because of drinking.

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9. Tom Cruise got married to Mimi Rogers, an actress, on 9th May, 1987.


10. Tom Cruise parents are of English, Irish and German descent.

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All Others Tom Cruise Movies

  1. Stanley Kubrick A Life In Pictures
  2. All The Right Moves
  3. Winning The Racing Life Of Paul Newman
  4. Magnolia
  5. The Firm
  6. Mission Impossible Fallout
  7. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
  8. Special Delivery Michael Mann On Making Collateral
  9. My Scientology Movie
  10. The Golden Hour Making Of Days Of Thunder
  11. Mission Impossible
  12. Days Of Thunder
  13. Time Out The Truth About Hiv Aids And You
  14. City Of Night The Making Of Collateral
  15. Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One
  16. Interview With The Vampire
  17. The Last Samurai
  18. Born On The Fourth Of July
  19. Cruise On Kubrick
  20. Waking Sleeping Beauty
  21. Valkyrie The Plot To Kill Hitler
  22. The Art Of Action Martial Arts In The Movies
  23. Oblivion
  24. Young Guns
  25. A Few Good Men
  26. Untitled Les Grossmann Project
  27. Junket Whore
  28. Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part Two
  29. Luna Park
  30. The Mummy
  31. Rain Man
  32. Tom Cruise An Eternal Youth
  33. Austin Powers In Goldmember
  34. Scientologists At War
  35. Collateral
  36. Never Sleep Again The Elm Street Legacy
  37. The Last Movie Stanley Kubrick And Eyes Wide Shut
  38. Mission Improbable
  39. Val
  40. Untitled Tom Cruise And Christopher Mcquarrie Action Film
  41. Risky Business
  42. War Of The Worlds
  43. Industrial Light And Magic Creating The Impossible
  44. American Made
  45. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
  46. Jack Reacher
  47. Jerry Maguire
  48. Minority Report
  49. Losin It
  50. Untitled Tom Cruise And Christopher Mcquarrie Musical
  51. Far And Away
  52. The Color Of Money
  53. Legend
  54. Valkyrie
  55. Paul Mccartney Back In The Us
  56. Hitting It Hard
  57. Live Die Repeat And Repeat
  58. The Dream Is Always The Same The Story Of Risky Business
  59. Endless Love
  60. America A Tribute To Heroes
  61. And The Oscar Goes To
  62. Mission Impossible Iii
  63. Space Station 3D
  64. Top Gun
  65. Rock Of Ages

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