Things to Know about Tom Hardy in Get A Grip

Things to Know about Tom Hardy in Get A Grip

Latest Things to Know about Tom Hardy in Get A Grip

Top 10 Popular Movies of Tom Hardy are Redemption Bringing Warrior To Life, Flood, The Dark Knight Rises, Spider Man No Way Home, Untitled Channing Tatum And Tom Hardy Drama, Star Trek Nemesis, Rocknrolla, Bronson, This Means War, and Inception.

Top 10 Tom Hardy Movies

  1. Wdz
  2. The Bikeriders
  3. Untitled Peaky Blinders Film
  4. Ld 50 Lethal Dose
  5. Deserter
  6. Mad Max The Wasteland
  7. The Fire Rises The Creation And Impact Of The Dark Knight Trilogy
  8. Going Mad The Battle Of Fury Road
  9. Dunkirk
  10. The Revenant

Top 10 Things to Know about Tom Hardy in Get A Grip

1. Tom Hardy has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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2. Tom Hardy is of Irish descent on his mother’s side.

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3. Tom Hardy nationality is English.

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4. Tom Hardy mother is an artist and painter Anne.

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5. Tom Hardy made his film debut in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down (2001).

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6. Tom Hardy net worth is $15 million.

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7. Tom Hardy natural hair color seems to be dark brown

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8. Tom Hardy has appeared in films such as Star Trek: Nemesis, RocknRolla, Bronson, Warrior, Lawless.

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9. Tom Hardy was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

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10. Tom welcomed a child with actress Charlotte Riley on October 2015.

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All Others Tom Hardy Movies

  1. A For Andromeda
  2. Warrior
  3. Stuart A Life Backwards
  4. The Things They Carried
  5. Black Hawk Down
  6. Marie Antoinette
  7. Scenes Of A Sexual Nature
  8. The Five Wives So Shiny So Chrome
  9. The Drop
  10. Layer Cake
  11. Ending The Knight
  12. Capone
  13. Dot The I
  14. Minotaur
  15. Havoc
  16. The Inheritance
  17. Mad Max Fury Road
  18. Shackleton
  19. Child 44
  20. Emr
  21. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  22. London Road
  23. The Reckoning
  24. Locke
  25. Legend
  26. My War Gone By I Miss It So
  27. The Road Warriors Max And Furiosa
  28. Lawless
  29. Thick As Thieves
  30. Sucker Punch
  31. Perfect
  32. Venom Let There Be Carnage
  33. Sweeney Todd
  34. Get A Grip
  35. Heroes And Demons
  36. Gideon Daughter
  37. War Party
  38. Maximum Fury Filming Fury Road
  39. Sergeant Slaughter My Big Brother
  40. Venom
  41. Venom 3
  42. Tommaso
  43. Colditz Flucht In Die Freiheit

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